All-Natural Sweet & Spicy Brisket Beef Jerky

  • $ 39.60
  • Save $ -39.60

Bulk’s best selling jerky line. Super soft and tender, melts in your mouth. Made with brisket cut and is naturally a more marbled and tender jerky style.

The jock of our all-natural brisket jerky line, Sweet & Spicy is the most popular for two reasons (spoiler alert, it’s sweetness and spiciness). Moderate spice – but not enough for that “Hot” label – tempers this jerky’s comforting sweetness like a stern coach hiding a heart of gold. This bold-yet-light jerky retains its legendary softness and refreshing lack of Nasty Stuff®:

- Gluten Free

- No MSG

- Nitrate Free

- No artificial ingredients

- Made in USA


- 3 oz: $8.99 (46% retail margin)

- 8 oz: $25 (50% retail margin)

- 5 lb Deli Style: $35-$40/lb (45% retail margin)