Texas Style Original Beef Jerky

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Top Round Cut Beef Jerky in sheet form with a Rip n’ chew texture. Old school recipes that bring the consumer back to the roots of beef jerky. Zero sugar and 18 g of protein per serving.

Texas Style Original straight outta Johnson City, Texas, this round-cut jerky’s rough-and-tumble texture does things the old-school-cowboy way. Mesquite-smoked for 6-hours, this unchanged-since-1960s recipe tests 100% pure: if it ain’t beef, seasoning or smoke, it ain’t in here. Also not in here: any Nasty Stuff® (gluten, nitrates, MSG).

Round cuts come the rear leg of the cow. This makes for a rip and chew texture like how beef jerky was made back in the day. We wanted to stay true to the Texas roots and give you a package that the cowboys would enjoy. We manufacture this in the heart of Johnson City, Texas with recipes that dates back to 1963. These are mesquite smoked in a wood fire smoker for 6 hours to get the perfect dried jerky texture. This Jerky is just beef, cure, and smoke. It melts in your mouth after a couple of chomps and you will not be disappointed.

We use only USA only meat that is locally sourced from farms in Texas. 13% of the entire cattle population in the United States resides in Texas.

Ingredients: Beef, seasoning (salt, sugar, sodium nitrate), spices and flavoring.

- Gluten Free

- No MSG

- Made in USA


- 3 oz: $8.99 (47% retail margin)

- 1 lb: $35-$40 (48% retail margin)