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Brisket Jerky Sampler Tasting Pack

Brisket Jerky Sampler Tasting Pack

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  • Description

    🎉 What's in the Sampler: 🎉

    Zesty Original Pepper: The classic taste you love, elevated to new heights of tenderness. Experience the timeless joy of jerky in its most delicate form.

    Sweet Teriyaki Bliss: A dance of sweet and savory, this teriyaki-infused recipe will transport you to a world of culinary harmony.

    Award Winning Sweet & Spicy: Get ready for a journey through rich jalapeño and aged cayenne pepper notes, invoking memories of cozy campfires and outdoor adventures.

    Spicy Chili Hot Teriyaki: Ignite your palate with a crescendo of chili-induced heat, balanced perfectly with the tenderness you crave.

    Tropical Mango Fusion: A lively fusion of Tropical Mango and premium cuts, and crushed red pepper flakes, this jerky will awaken your senses with a tantalizing kick bringing your mind to a Caribbean beach.

    Buzzin' BBQ Smoke: Indulge in the nectarous perfection of BBQ-glazed brisket jerky that promises a symphony of delicate savory sweetness.

  • Features

    Introducing the BULK Ultimate Super Soft and Tender Brisket Jerky Sampler Pack – A Journey of Flavor!

    Are you tired of tough and chewy jerky that feels like you're gnawing on a shoe sole? Look no further! Behold, our exquisite Super Soft and Tender Jerky Sampler, a symphony of six sensational flavors meticulously crafted to redefine your jerky experience.

  • Ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Great Taste!

Delicious jerkey!

patrick m klinger sr

its been 3 weeks.. still no jerky.. very disappointed in your choice of shipping haven't even tasted it.. no more on line b. s. for me I'll make my own... was due 5-8-20

cresdon aaron
I'm 61 and this is the best

Order 2 3oz bag the first time and the it so much I order a 1 pound bag. I will be order even more in weeks to come.

Love it!

Really love the soft brisket jerky, I'm on about my third order. Trying some different offerings, but this and the brittle are far and away my favorites


Super yummy