• You may know us as B.U.L.K Beef Jerky. We're now offering our jerky products in true bulk fashion, all in one place. For those that don't know us, we're the true American fuel for those who refuse to be ordinary. So grab a bag and embrace the extraordinary.


    "Why are you wasting time reading the comments?" Order it already! - Tanner.


    "The best and most flavorful brisket jerky. Soft to chew, long lasting taste. Will definitely reorder." - Eric I.

  • Excellent Brisket

    "I love the tenderness and sweetness. Simply satisfying." - Angela W.

The Bulk Story

Petey G started Bulk from taking a "No" into a "F**K Yes". There was a need to offer jerky in bulk sizing and took on the feat. Fast forward, that leap would turn into owning a USDA plant, co manufacturing elite recipes, and opening up tasting rooms. We're not your ordinary beef jerky company.