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BULK Tropical Mango Brisket Beef Jerky

BULK Tropical Mango Brisket Beef Jerky

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  • Description

    Well, oh well, what do we come across here? It happens to be none other than the most delectable gluten-free beef jerky infused with the essence of tropical mango. This jerky truly encompasses a complete package - boasting a delightful blend of sweetness and tanginess that transports you straight to a paradise-like island. Not to forget, there's a hint of spiciness to provide just the right amount of zest. And did I fail to mention its gluten-free nature? Absolutely correct, ladies and gentlemen, this jerky is a treat for all to relish.

  • Features

    Bulk’s best-selling jerky line. Super soft and tender melts in your mouth sytle. Made with brisket cut and is naturally a more marbled and tender jerky style. All-Natural, Gluten-Free, No added MSG, Nitrate Free, No artificial ingredients, Made in the USA. After opening, the insides of our 5 lb bags are designed and sealed with aluminium film optimising quality and keeps the jerky fresh for weeks in your fridge.

  • Ingredients

    Beef brisket, brown sugar, gluten free tamari soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt, alcohol), Mango puree (mango, ascorbic acid), orange juice, lemon juice, pineapple juice concentrate, granulated garlic, crushed red pepper, ginger. Contains: Soy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
gregory forbes

I like to tear into the jerky and chew for a while. This is not that jerky. Very sweet, very moist (almost seemed wet). I bought two 1lb bags and gave one away. Classic slabs are the way to go.

Kathryn Fitting
Too soft

I was expecting something much chewier, product was way too moist for my liking.


Quality product, good price, great customer service!!

Sam Maglitto
Barbecue and teriyaki

Great jerky would buy again good flavor and tender

Greg C.
Why Soy?

Your biggest consumers are probably males...lot of controversy over soy consumption. Unless your plan is to effeminate the male population, then you'll lose a lot of business because effeminate male will just eat kale.